Since both my Magical Recipes books and my Bea books are set in Door County, I want to share a little bit about the area.

door county map
This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

Door County is the part of Wisconsin that looks like the thumb on a mitten. It is surrounded by water, with Lake Michigan on the east and Green Bay on the west.

My stories take place on the western side of Door County on the bay.

Door County is known for its scenery, as well as lighthouses, outdoor activities and shopping. There is truly something for just about any interest there. 

However, it is primarily known for its Cherries.  Door County has a very large cherry industry.  There are many cherry stands there as well as cherry pie, cherry donuts, and cherry juice. If it’s cherry related you will find it there.

Bea Yourself is set in a small town in Door County as well.

I chose Door County as the setting for my books because I have always loved going there. We also have family members who live there. It’s a place we go to several times each year. It’s nice to go there because the people in the hotel and restaurants remember you. They always comment on how the kids have grown, how they can’t believe how time flies, and how nice it is to see us again. They genuinely appreciate you coming and like to hear about what’s happening in your life.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY

There are so many spectacular views and geographical features it worked particularly well for my Magical Recipes books. I include many things from the park in my book, such as the cemetery, the tower, and the rocky shore with its caves.

In my Magical Recipes books Lillian Terwilliger owns a bookstore that only sells cookbooks, called Just Cookbooks. She inherits the Magical Recipes book which has a long history in her family. Lillian doesn’t know what it can do when she receives it, but she soon finds out, much to her dismay. The twins, Willy and Daisy, live down the street and their parents own Trumbell’s Candy Store. Lillian and the twin’s families have a long and mysterious history together, which you’ll find more out about later.

In Bea Yourself, Beatrix Weathersby’s family takes over a bee and honey farm in Door County. Bea goes from being homeschooled in Oklahoma to living in Wisconsin and suddenly being put in a public school, which ends up being nothing like she expects it to be. Bea has a hard time remembering things such as raising her hand to do things, and asking permission to go to the bathroom, which she thinks is embarrassing. Bea has a difficult time fitting in until her love of bees helps her connect to the other kids in school.

Next time I’ll share more about some of the characters in my books.

I’m looking forward to sharing my writing adventure with you!