Books and Writing

Bea Series

These are all working titles.

Bea Series – Beatrix Weathersby’s life changes drastically when she goes from being homeschooled in Oklahoma to going to public school in Wisconsin.

  • Bea Yourself – Bea learns to adjust to the rules, people, and structure of public school.
  • Bea Nice – Bea’s class puts on a musical and she gets frustrated with people complaining because they didn’t get what they wanted.
  • Bea Curious – When Bea’s friends are too focused on their phones she finds a friend in an unexpected place.


    Magical Recipes Series

    These are all working titles.

    Magical Recipes Series- When a magical cookbook appears in the life of Lillian and her godchildren Willy and Daisy, excitement, adventure, and danger come into their lives.

    • A Recipe for Disaster – Lillian inherits a magical cookbook and discovers she has powers she never knew she had. She must learn to deal with these powers and the evil forces that want to take the book away from her.
    • A Secret Recipe – Daisy’s powers begin to develop, and it puts her and the people she loves in danger.
    • The Final Recipe – Willy’s unique powers are developed, and the evil forces are defeated using some unexpected allies.

    Lola the Inquisitive OtterA young otter loses her keeper and sets out to find her and discovers a world outside her enclosure she never expected.

    In Brian’s Room – We discover what a young boy’s pets dream about when they sleep.